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By jassociatesl3338, Jun 3 2015 09:09PM

Hello! I like to recap the purpose of this Blog. It's purpose is to serve as an open form for questions and answers that anyone has for divorces in California or other Community Property States ( who's divorces are historically longer in comparsion to other states) which can help spouses that are thinking about a divorce, in the process of one, or looking to making changes in there divorce orders after a divorce.

I had a customer who called my office for our assistant with his paperwork in an annullment (nulity of a marriage). He stated that he and his wife wanted an annullment oppose to them getting a divorce because he could not give her a Baby. Is this grounds for an annnullment in California?

Well I did a little rescreach on my own. What I found was annullments ( which is not a divorce, because there would have not been a marriage) in California are not that easy to get. What You may see as grounds ( such as a short term marriage under one year) the courts may not approve. I have seen this in a few cases where I as a legal document performed the paperework. Nevertheless, here are the grounds in Calirornia they are as follows:

1. Nulilty of a void ( not legal ) marriage ( family code 2200) are incestuous marriage and bigamous marriages.

2. Nulilty of a voidable marriage ( those which can be set side by the courts) are based on petitioners age at the time of marriage, prior existing marriage, unsound mine,fraud , force, and physical incapacity

So, I guest the person who called us does meet the requirements for an anullment.

By jassociatesl3338, May 19 2015 10:45PM

My name is Jacqueline R. Robertson I am a Pararegal yet, I can only use this titile legally when I work under the supervision of an attorney. When I'm not working in that capacity I can Independent of an attorney use the name of "Legal Document Assistant".

I went through a pretty bad divorce in California ( one of our ten community property states in the USA). Where I used six years of my life, 50,00.00 in attroney cost, three attorneys and five judges just to end my divorce on my own. Following my divorce I went back to school to obtain my Pararlegal credentials. I opened a Paralegal/Legal document service where today I assist spouses who are getting a divorce with their paperwork , in cases where they serve as their own attorney. In my work work I have found that most messy divorces ( INCLUDING MY OWN) are actually driven by spouse's time, money and their emotions, especially in cases where there's wealth or children involved. I am in the process of writing a book on this topic.

I would like this blog to serve as an open forum for interested people to share any information they have in assisting divorcing spouses today in conserving their, time, money and their emotions. Allowing them to get more out of their divorce in a community property state.


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