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We are a Licensed Notary Service available for all of your document notarization needs.

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Mark the acquisition of property with a properly drawn-up deed.

We will help you identify the type of deed that is right for your situation to ensure your property transfer goes smoothly and is binding. Come to us for help throughout the process, so you can understand each step.


Closing - this is the step in the real estate transaction when the property is officially transferred to the buyer and the transaction is legally complete.


General warranty deed - this deed verifies that the property is being transferred fully and that there are no complications or encumbrances that may invalidate the deed or its tenants.


Quick claim deed - this is a special type of deed that transfers only the interest a specific party holds in the property and makes no claims of the full interest.



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Your deed is an important piece of documentation and you want to feel confident that it has been properly drafted. You can trust in our 30 years of real estate experience to ensure the quality of your deed.

Formalize a transfer of property

Deeds are legal documents that represent the ownership of a piece of property.

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